About Wesley Patterson, the Le Chock Stagehand

I was exposed to what I now know was masterful puppetry (Glove/Hand type puppets) at a place by the name of Knotts Berry Farm, in California. Must of been the first part of the sixties. The puppet master spoke not a word of english, nor I a word of his language, yet I learned a much. You could find me at Knotts after school, sometimes on weekends when not surfing. Watching master shows and attempting to duplicate what I saw. Let me see, it was 1963-64 and my folks decided Colorado was the place we ought to be. We moved onward to Pikes Peak, Cascade, Colorado at the base of Pikes Peak to be exact. I attended Manitou Springs High and during vacation time worked at Santa’s Workshop, The North Pole, driving the stagecoach and in the P.M. "Chocky and his Pals " at the Manitou Spa.......no kidding, a stagecoach. That was about the same time I developed an interest in broadcast engineering, I digress.....once again we moved... this time to Denver....now I consider Golden to be home base. Should you be in the Golden Colorado area June thru October ........come visit .....Saturdays next to the Public Library .. 8 A.M. to 2 P.M. (on 10th street, see map).

About Chocky and his Pals

The puppets I use, Steiff mostly, Gund, some of my own design (KB and little Bear) Yes ......Steiff is the Best of the Best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I must confess, the traveling stage and the in-door stage design are my doing. You see when one thinks outside the BOX sometimes you end up in one of one’s own design...